Special Cleaning Services

Special Cleaning Services

We offer additional cleaning services to fulfill your custom needs. We have a dedicated department that caters to carrying out services like move-in & move-out cleaning, upholstery cleaning and tile cleaning

Our special cleaning services:

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Move In & Out Cleaning

Relocation is both a stressful and exciting phase of your life. While the prospects of the new location can be exciting, the thought about uncertainty can make your life stressful. Saves your precious time: When you engage a professional move out cleaning company, you are saving your valuable time. Most of the rental contracts in Dubai stipulate that the house should be handed over to the landlord in the same condition in which it was handed over to the tenant. You are assured that you get the full deposit money back from the landlord while vacating.


Our move-in/move-out house cleaning session includes full cleaning of all other rooms (vacuuming and dusting windowsills and remaining carpeted areas, washing of all floors and baseboards).


We can do the cleaning even if it is empty or furnished. We offer trained cleaners to help you with moving in and out of your home or offices, making your relocation experience easier and stress-free.


We ensure your environment is clean and organised according to your preferences.


Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is different from regular cleaning because it reaches the deep grime and dirt in your home. The process takes a lot longer because it will cover every surface of your place.


Deep cleaning services covers each appliance and fixtures of the home is thoroughly cleaned to get rid of dust and dirt.


It covers areas which aren’t traditionally covered by a regular cleaning for example:

  • behind kitchen appliances like the washing machine and oven, cutting through the grime that builds up
  • under the sink
  • inside the oven including the oven door glass
  • inside of window frames and patio doors
  • inside and outside of all windows – read our vinegar window cleaning tip
  • washing all blinds
  • full and deep dusting including all the corners of rooms for cobwebs
  • scale removal from all bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, taps, shower heads etc


Steam Deep Cleaning

Most traditional cleaning methods are based on the use of water and detergents. The surface will give a clean and shiny image through the water that remains on the surface. The detergents ensure the surface smells fresh and clean. However, this is very often not the case.


The surface may seem clean, but bacteria and dirt stay behind and will duplicate rapidly in a moist environment. Steam deep cleaning may cost a little bit more rather than the normal deep cleaning, but it will sanitize your place for a safer environment for you and your family.


The deep cleaning effect of steam ensures that bacteria and other unwanted micro-organisms are destroyed, even right down into the deepest pores of the polluted surface. Subsequently, the minimal residue left behind using steam can be removed by the simultaneous use of microfibre or vacuum.


This way the bacteria will not be able to duplicate.

  • Instantly clean and dry surfaces– Ready for immediate use and improved bacterial efficiency
  • High level of hygiene – An improved antibacterial system, scientifically proven against hospital bacteria such as MRSA.
  • Environmentally friendly – Steam uses less water than traditional methods and minimal amounts of detergents.

Sanitation by steam cleaning enables rapid sanitation, safer indoor air quality, reducing cross-contamination, odour, exposure to chemicals and worker/ tenant’s safety. Steam-with vapor at a high temperature at the surface of cleanable areas of fixtures and floors.


The high-temperature steam obliterates fats, oils, dirt and seasoning kills mould, bacteria, fungi, listeria and microorganisms contact. The energy from hot steam vapor penetrates deeply into porous material and sanitizes and disinfects surfaces thoroughly in seconds not minutes, reaching beyond what can be seen. This heat energy releases embedded residues, reducing the need for scrubbing or chemicals.


Steam cleaning can be very effective for removing mechanical grease, cleaning inside electrical boxes and does not damage, inside hard to reach surfaces, bolt holes, kitchen utensils, ovens, cooker hoods. It is also very effective in eliminating Listeria from scales, concrete floors and kitchen counters.


Carpet Cleaning

Carpets or rugs serve many purposes in a house, office, or hotel. It enhances the appearance of the house and gives a softer feel to the home. It also protects us from slip-and-fall accidents. So, carpet cleaning is important. We regularly wash and clean the surfaces of the home but skip the carpet. As a result, the dust keeps accumulating in it.


As a carpet becomes dirty, it causes many problems. Due to dust and dirt, it becomes dull and looks dirty. They not only increase the indoor pollution, but also develop bacteria over time. A dirty carpet can cause respiratory and skin problems. A dirty carpet can retain several sources of air pollutants, including pet dander, bug and insect allergens, and everyday dirt and dust which causes them to contaminate the air in your home.


Carpets tend to trap a variety of dust particles, bacteria, and allergens found in the home. Such airborne dust particles have been linked to nose, sinus, and breathing problems such as asthma.


Our technicians make use of different carpet cleaning techniques to remove dust, dirt, germs, and bacteria.

  • Carpet Steam Cleaning
  • Carpet Shampooing

We make sure your rug becomes; 

  • Free of dirt
  • Free of dust
  • Free of smell
  • Free of bacteria


Sofa/Upholstery Cleaning

We use sofas and upholsteries to take rest. We seek comfort from the sofa at the end of a busy day at work. We feel relaxed and cozy in this furniture. The sofas are exposed to pollution every single day. The experts recommend that a sofa should be cleaned every six months not only to make it pollution free but also to extend its life.


The dust mites, bacteria, and dust particles keep contaminating them. That’s where sofa cleaning service jumps in. Even if your upholstery doesn’t have any visible defects or stains, it may contain dust, dirt or pet fur. Remember, that such accumulation can become the reason of allergies. We will help you to remove most of bacteria`s and 95% visible stains.


With professional sofa cleaning, it is so easy to refresh the appearance of your sofa and other furniture. It also protects your family from allergies. Some chemicals are used to remove spots and stains. In the end, the cleaner will wash the sofa with hot water extraction method and vacuum for drying.


Your furniture will be 80-90% dry after this method. You will be impressed by the cleanliness and wonderful scent of your home. No matter how deep stains your sofa has, our trained and experienced workers will take care of it. We try to cleanse the furniture without causing any damage to it. All our past customers are happy with our work. We always try our best to satisfy our customer.

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